Agustin Lozada

Agustin Lozada


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Agustín Lozada

Agustin Lozada is an Argentinian architect trained at a university in the Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism, and Design of the National University of Córdoba, where he obtained his degree in 2008. During that period, he ventured into the academic field as an ascribed in the subject Architecture IV.

In 2007 he founded the architecture studio of the same name, which remains active to this day. Since then, he has designed and built projects that include single-family housing, collective housing, offices, and commercial premises.

In 2014 he founded the construction company Orange Obras Civiles with two partners. It specializes in reinforced concrete works of different scales and functions in public and private spheres. Orange has more than 300,000 m2 built and more than 250 works to date.

Practice Ideology

Our objective is to satisfy the needs of infrastructures for public and/or private use, committed to the economic and social development of our environment.

Since our foundation, we have taken as a working premise the desire to provide a different service, seeking to be the best solution for the execution of architecture and engineering projects, committed to quality and process management to exceed goals and the continuous search for excellence and integrity.

We have the capacity and experience to develop various civil works, which propose different programs, complexities and scales, with efficiency and precision.

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