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Practice background

Madhav Raman and Vaibhav Dimri graduated from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi in 2001. Together they established Anagram Architects as a partnership in 2004. Today, the practice is internationally recognised for its commitment towards delivering deeply contextual designs that encourage sustainable lifestyles. The firm offers services in architecture, interior design, urban design, public infrastructure planning and environmental design. Motivated to contribute towards greater ecological sustainability, human resilience and social well being, the firm also participates in policy, education and research. Our young firm of 20 architects and designers, based in New Delhi, enthusiastically explores opportunities to investigate spatial design to attempt elemental modernity enriched with intensive research into traditional and non-conventional practices, evolving culturally relevant, contextually responsive and resource efficient designs and solutions. We understand that the key to consistently delivering qualitatively better and efficacious built environments, while evolving new paradigms for design, sustainability and construction, is to invest in robust multilateral studio processes that crosslink engineering innovations, ecological symbiotics, social sciences and material technologies. The ability to do this across all scales and outlays is one of the primary strengths of our practice. To this end, the firm has built collaborative networks over the past two decades with thinkers and makers, builders and tinkerers, who help stretch its canvas of practice across a framework of art, technology, ecology, economics and anthropology.

Vaibhav Dimri

Vaibhav in an architect and an urbanist. Together with Madhav Raman, he Co Founded Anagram Architects soon after graduating from School of Planning and Architecture in 2001. Formally established in 2004, Anagram Architects is internationally recognised as amongst the top emerging practices in the world with commitment towards delivering deeply contextual designs that encourage sustainable lifestyles.

Vaibhav’s desire to experiment with new ideas deeply influences our design process. He guides the practice by continuously pushing boundaries through material innovation and by reimagining the program, towards creating avant garde solutions. His life long passion for theatre is reflected in his understanding of the subtleties of spatial design.

Madhav Raman

Madhav is an architect and urbanist. His domains of expertise include architecture, urban design, urban transit and sanitation. His interests in cultural histories and urban economics adds depth to the Anagram Architects leadership. He brings insight and experience in transit, urban ecologies, multi-disciplinary strategies and new technologies to our projects. Madhav serves on the advisory boards of various design schools in India as well as of non-governmental initiatives involved in building infrastructure for urban, rural and ecologically fragile contexts.

An avid cyclist and swimmer, Madhav regularly guides research, lectures and writes about design in professional journals as well as mainstream publications.

Shruti Dimri

Shruti Dimri graduated from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi in 2002.

She has worked on a variety of institutional, mixed-land use and residential projects at Anagram Architects, New Delhi. Her work reflects a strong emphasis on spatial innovation and a reimagining of materials, towards design which is environmentally conscious. Shruti believes that there is a need to redefine community housing for making our cities future proof.

Shruti grew up in Delhi and feels deeply attached to the vivid and diverse architectural legacy of the city. She likes to experiment with different materials in the workshop and is very hands on in the studio. Alongside her architectural practice she also pursued her lifelong passion for music and is a trained Hindustani classical singer.

Practice Ideology

“We practice architecture that promotes an experiential reconnect with ecology and society to nurture responsible and aware lifestyles.”

We practice conceptually bold architecture, seeking sustainability across various registers, including optimum resource management, market forces, urban governance, globalization, traditional practices, cultural identities, evolving technology and changing climate. Our approach promotes an experiential reconnecting with ecology and society through mainstream and alternative building practices to nurture responsible and aware lifestyles.

We believe in generating unique and progressive solutions to all design challenges. An ontological exploration of new materials and technology helps us sharpen our ideations and is well reflected in most of our projects. We also undertake self-initiated collaborations with other designers, academics and creative practitioners to enrich and invigorate our practice.

Adherence to the highest standards of quality and efficiency form the core of the Anagram Architects’ work ethic. The practice collaborates with consultants, clients, vendors, and specialist designers while meticulously studying development control guidelines to render complete and accurate construction information drawings. Innovation in design and technology is tested through adequate prototyping. From the latest developments in construction technology to traditional building practices, the work is informed by intensive research and contiguous training.

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