Arch Ekaterina Künzel + Arch María Belén García Bottazzini

Arch Ekaterina Künzel + Arch María Belén García Bottazzini


  • Practice: Arch Ekaterina Künzel + Arch María Belén García Bottazzini
  • Firm Location: Buenos Aires
  • Country: Argentina
  • Year: 2015

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Ekaterina Kunzel









María Belén García Bottazzini









Practice Ideology

The architecture that interests us is an architecture far from fads and trends. We seek to create spaces and objects with a classic and timeless reading with our designs. We want to propose, through architecture, particular atmospheres and spatial richness.

We are passionate about imagining spaces in close relationship with nature. Generate permeable architectures so that the exterior enters the interior spaces in different ways and in different measures. We like spaces that present contrasts and subtleties. We are interested in thinking of an architecture that involves all the senses. We care about the sensations, the textures, the experiences that the spaces transmit.

Hand in hand with this philosophy comes the way of representing structures and the use of noble, genuine materials, which are those that age with dignity. Always looking to propose a sincere project that shows itself as it is. Expressing its structure and construction process without additions or decorations. For us, sincerity is the maximum expression of beauty and that idea is what guides our work from the great decisions of a project to the resolution of the smallest detail.

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