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Azaz Architects

Azaz Architects


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Shahad Alazzaz

Shahad Alazzaz is the founder of Azaz Architects. Alazzaz received her BA in Architecture from Manchester School of Architecture and a Master’s degree in Architectural Management and Design from IE Business School in Madrid. After gaining exposure and credibility early in her career, she was recruited by a major Spanish firm and was quickly thereafter appointed as Middle East Projects Manager. Shahad puts her creativity to the test on architectural projects in various cities, such as Diriyah, Paris, Istanbul, Ankara, Madrid, and Malabo. In 2017, Shahad took a daring and defining step in her career by establishing Azaz Architects. Building her practice upon the pillars of excellence, proficiency, and architectural creativity, and as result, the firm has won several prestigious awards under her leadership.

Abdullah Alazzaz

Abdullah Alazzaz has been a member of Azaz Architects since 2017 as a Creative Director, leading marketing strategies and business development. He has extensive experience spanning more than seven years in Marketing, Engineering, Architecture, and Business Development, taking part in many projects across multiple industries and sectors. He has local and international work experience in top-tier firms. Abdullah has published multiple articles in cultural insights as well as in the fields of energy, politics, and architecture. Alazzaz studied civil engineering at Syracuse University in New York, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree.

Practice Ideology

Azaz Architects is a multiple international award-winning boutique architecture and design services firm based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The firm provides A-Z design services to a wide variety of local and international clients. The team offers architectural designs services accompanied by interior design, furniture design, public art design, and master planning. To date, Azaz Architects has delivered a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from residential, multi-use, and commercial.

Established in 2017, the company has received international recognition for its practice. The projects completed are illustrative of the innovative team behind them. Through a strong commitment to providing sustainable solutions while paying great attention to detail, Azaz Architects has grown to become a highly reputable firm under the leadership of Saudi Arabia’s prominent architect, Shahad Alazzaz.

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