Blue Temple

Blue Temple


(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Raphaël Ascoli

During the seven years living in China, Raphaël has shown great interest in Mandarin and Chinese culture that lead him to attend a year fully immersed in a boarding Chinese high school in Beijing at the age of 15. Later graduated from the architecture department of McGill University in Canada, Raphaël worked for two years in Tokyo as an architect / urban planner. He has now started his own practice-based and registered in Myanmar called Blue Temple. They have started a series of initiatives, from micro-architecture proposals to public space designs on an urban scale to data-driven mapping projects on a national level. Raphaël has also organized a series of seven free-of-charge architecture design workshops that promotes creative and critical thinking across the country in collaboration with local and international universities. Today, he teaches the Master’s program of Architecture at YTU.

Practice Ideology

Architecture design group registered and based in Myanmar since 2018. Augmenting computational design, promoting collaboration, and exploring new radical ideas. Our portfolio is composed of volunteer-based initiatives, free of charge design workshops, and projects that seek social and environmental change.

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