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Practice Ideology

What is Bobotis + Bobotis?

Bobotis+Bobotis is an independent architecture studio based in Athens, Greece. Founded by Theofanis Bobotis and Lukas Bobotis in 2005, we specialize in critical areas, including super-prime properties, commercial and hospitality, across the public and private sectors.

Bobotis + Bobotis’ approach combines decades of expertise with an innovation-centred mindset. Theofanis Bobotis’ distinct design legacy, first established in the 1980s, is foundational for the studio’s future-facing vision. Our award-winning team works across residential and commercial projects in Europe and the Middle East, delivering distinct, iconic work for our clients. 

Our philosophy 

Bobotis + Bobotis is committed to client satisfaction. We fulfil briefs to the highest standards, delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions on budget and time. No matter the size of the project, our approach is the same. We provide design and supervision services, communicating with clients collaboratively from initial ideation to final realization. We choose substance over style. Understanding the core purpose of a project is central to our process, and we ensure that, first and foremost, each work delivers on the functional needs of a building. 

Our practise is concerned with a building’s place within its wider environment. We emphasize natural light, greenery and sustainable materials and deliver resilient buildings that can face the complex challenges of our modern environment. 

Technological innovation is at the heart of our approach. We constantly respond to the factors that shape how, why, and where people want to live, relax, and work. And we understand that innovation must always be married to these core human needs. As we realize its original design, each stage of the process requires critical questioning and aesthetic choices that combine to create an overall result. In this way, we build for longevity: projects are timeless and reflect their era.

Our work

Our award-winning projects include the redesign of Athens International Airport, the new terminal for Thessaloniki Airport and the creation of a multifunctional museum facility in St. Petersburg, which the World Bank awarded first prize. Other acclaimed projects include The New Archaeological Museum of Patras and The Archaeological Museum of Chania. 

Alongside landmark buildings, we also work on residential projects, freight centres, office buildings, banks, sports facilities, shopping centres, convention centres, urban planning, yacht design, marinas, and more. Across our portfolio of work, we are regularly recognized on both an international and national level.

Our team

Our exceptional team delivers these industry-leading projects.  Bobotis+Bobotis is home to a group of experienced architects, engineers, and designers – all with proven success in delivering complex, international multidisciplinary projects. 

Our office 

The Bobotis+Bobotis headquarters are located in a privately owned five-storey building in Athens. The distinct structure reflects Bobotis + Bobotis’ design expression on the exterior. The office, which includes a two-level basement and covers 1100m2, provides a modern, calm environment for our team and is equipped with the latest technology to practice and deliver our full suite of services in-house.

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