Christophe Rousselle Architecte

Christophe Rousselle Architecte


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Christophe Rousselle

Christophe Rousselle, born in paris, studied at the school of the city and territories of marne-la-vallée and at the school of architecture of the catholic university of santiago du chile. from 2003, he works with the jean nouvel workshops for two years. he obtained his diploma in 2004 with congratulations from the jury, then opened his own agency in paris. in 2006, he was winner of the new albums of young architects, awarded by the ministry of culture. christophe rousselle gives lectures in france and abroad, makes exhibitions on his work and is the subject of many publications.

Practice Ideology

The Christophe Rousselle Architect Urbanist agency was created in 2004 and developed projects in France, Asia, and Latin America. Recognized for a very marked conceptual work, Christophe Rousselle offers research on the notion of “free volume,” offering a singular image to each project. This recurring theme of discrepancies in volumes on projects such as “Variación” (Santiago de chile) from 2004, or even on the Cimbéton tower (Grenoble), is now clearly part of a rationalized constructive logic. Winner of the new albums of young architects in 2006, Christophe Rousselle has also distinguished himself by being regularly selected to work on the themes of densification and height in France and abroad.

This reflection on the architectural approach in connection with its immediate context makes it possible to apprehend projects of all sizes that often require specific attention to contextual or environmental registration. Each project responds to strong constraints in terms of environmental quality and integrates reflections on various thematic fields such as territory, design, or sociology. A specific approach that clearly poses

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