• Practice: Chrofi
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Manly, NSW
  • Country: Australia
  • Year: 2000

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John Choi, Director

Over the past 20 years, John has overseen a multitude of award-winning projects across all scales and typologies at CHROFI. John’s leadership has been a core driver for the practice’s ongoing commitment to holistic and place-based approach to ​design. Thinking at both macro and micro scale, and between physical and non-physical project drivers, he is passionate about how design can expand the way we live, work and play. John’s specialised skills, combined with a passion for collaborative and flexible project delivery allow CHROFI to deliver intelligent, vibrant and unique places.

Tai Rophia, Director

Tai’s focus is to provide leadership for the practice’s major urban and architecture projects.His passion for design is in the making of the city and the transformative potential of urban initiatives and architecture to realise not just higher value outcomes for our clients, but to effect positive change to the public realm. His ability to recognise the levers for change and to envision the ‘bigger picture’ are critical to providing effective leadership for complex projects that often involve a variety of stakeholders with diverse needs and aspirations. He is driven by the belief that design can create value for our clients, shape better economic outcomes, and enrich the experience of the city for all.

Steven Fighera, Director

Steven is an architect in the traditional sense with a passion for the craft of designing and building. His lineage from a family involved in construction has instilled in him a strong sense of practicality and function which is complemented by his instinctual flair for design. His focus over the past 20 years has been the design and delivery of CHROFI’s key public architecture projects from Ballast Point Park through to the Sutherland Entertainment Centre. His leadership within the practice has been pivotal to ensuring client satisfaction and design excellence.

Practice Ideology

From our founding project, TKTS Times Square New York in 2000, our practice has consistently earned international fame for the way in which our designs provide public and private benefits, while simultaneously strengthening the essential character of areas. It has been this ability, to find solutions that work at multiple levels, that characterizes the way in which the practice of CHROFI approaches all of our projects. We work across all scales of projects from houses to cities. Our approach is highly bespoke and expands from the specific requirements of each project and the clients’ desires. We are committed to the fertile ground that exists between people, architecture, and the world. Design is not just focused on the physical project in of itself but framed as an operative agency that drives urban, social, cultural, environmental, economic, and political outcomes. Whilst this ‘big picture’ approach gives clarity to the practice’s strategic thinking, the practice also endeavours to match this logic with a parallel pursuit for evocative architecture of unexpected delight.

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