Collage Architecture Studio

Collage Architecture Studio


  • Practice: Collage Architecture Studio
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  • Firm Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2009

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“Architecture has to be experienced by all the senses as it has the power to evoke emotions”

COLLAGE is a young and enthusiastic firm founded in 2008. Being a multi – disciplinary organisation it engages in creative and contemporary design solutions with a wide range of projects including architectural and interior services. At Collage, we believe that each project has its own peculiarity and cultural interpretation and should be approached with a unique and integrated vision.

Swapnil Valvatkar

Alumni of Goa School of Architecture, Batch of 1996, Swapnil strives to simplify complexities in design by responding to the context, site and fundamentals of design. His functional approach often brings up perspectives that are unexplored and encourages a twist for innovation.



Arun Kumar TD

Alumni of Goa School of Architecture, Batch of 1996, Arun has a passion for architecture and love for Photography and short film creatives. He is a practical thinker and strives to conceptualize designs through details and perspective before it goes on paper. Designs are creative processes and they are often filled with minute features that play an essential role in the over-all picture, Arun brings out this delicate relationship of built-unbuilt in his design processes.


Adwitha Suvarna

Alumni of Bangalore Institute of Technology, batch of 1997. Adwitha is free-spirited and a realist. Her forte is absolute deliverance of an idea envisaged. She has come a long way, as a person as well as an architect. Her journey through design has been filled with new learning and challenges that she faced as a woman in the field of architecture. She has an eye for composition and innovation in her designs, every piece of element in design has a story and the narration can be brought out through composition.  She is brave in her approach and has a knack for design experimentation.

Practice Ideology

A good design is not when there is nothing more to add but when there is nothing left to take away. Architecture is usually mystified and full of theories but COLLAGE strives to keep it extremely simple by responding to the context and integrating nature into the built environment. Through our work, we attempt to create a vocabulary that is contemporary and suffused with innovation. We have an eye for detailing as it is our belief that the soul of a building lies in the details. Every project regardless of its size is approached with same enthusiasm and the client’s requirements are considered of utmost importance. Our intention is to evolve contextually responsive, culturally rooted and resource efficient spaces that encourage an interaction between the users and the surrounding.

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