Craft Narrative

Craft Narrative


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Ar. Vijay Kharade

Ar. Vijay Kharade graduated from MMCOA, Pune, in 2006 and worked with Ar. Ram Paradkar before starting his architectural practice. He worked on several projects independently for 11 years before co-founding Craft Narrative.

Ar. Yatindra Patil

Ar. Yatindra Patil is a graduate of the DYPCOA, Pune (batch of 2010), and has worked with Ar. Sanjay Mohe in Bangalore for a decade before establishing Craft Narrative.

Practice Ideology

Craft Narrative is a family of curious and passionate young architects who believe in the art of designing. Established in 2019 by Yatindra Patil and Vijay Kharade, the studio is conceived as a think tank for its members to explore possibilities, learn, and grow with ever-expanding perceptions. The studio encourages ideation that takes shape through a string of questions and their potential answers. Along with following an intuitive approach towards design while gaining a deeper understanding of context and climate, the team loves to soak in art and work for the love of nature they collectively have. 

The Philosophy

Architects at Craft Narrative strive to responsibly shape a harmonious atmosphere through the means of architecture. While making a mark in redefining aesthetics along the lines of the rooted ones, the practice believes in adding value to its projects with kindness and self-discovery—a principle that has remained the core of its practice since its inception. Craft Narrative loves challenging projects, and they are better when they come unannounced—projects that no one sees coming, neither the firm nor the client!

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