Days in YARD Studio

Days in YARD Studio


  • Practice: Days in YARD Studio
  • Firm Location: Beijing
  • Country: China
  • Year: NA

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Haipeng Ren

Haipeng Ren (HP), member of AIA, principal architect at Days in YARD Studio. HP had BA and MA degree in Architectural Design from University of Washington, as he was a receiver of the Honored Washington Young Scholar. He had over 15 years architectural design experience working in various design firms such as NBBJ, Atkins, CCDI, and HOK. A lover of music, he currently works and lives in Beijing, China.




Practice Ideology

  • Passive House X Active House

The courtyard space is located at the heart of the Beijing inner city. Only 10 mins walking distance from the ancient Forbidden Palace, the courtyard house features the first renovation practice combining modern PHI design standard and a traditional post-and-lintel construction in northern China. It is also a receiver of the “Excellent Active Award” in 2021 Active House design competition in China, co-sponsored by the international Active House Alliance.

  • Collective Space X Private Yard

The collective space is used for sharing inspiration across different professions. It is used as the architect’s studio and house for living. The space is also open for various social and cultural activities.

  • Online X Offline Experience

Days in YARD has picked pieces from designer’s choice by working with various brands, such as camino, ferm LIVING, normann, COPENHAGEN, Kooduu, BULBING… etc. The space hosts a series of cultural events including art exhibition, saloon, chamber music, painting, and film. A place for art inspiration and appreciation online and offline.

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