DCDSAA Architecture Office

DCDSAA Architecture Office


  • Practice: DCDSAA Architecture Office
  • Website: www.dcdstudio.cn/
  • Firm Location: Shanghai
  • Country: China
  • Year: NA

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Wang Hao

Creative director, founder and chief designer of dcdsaa / dcdstudio, graduated from Architecture Department of China Academy of fine arts, With the design concept of “Zen Oriental, Ingenuity Aesthetics”, Mr Wang Hao created a set of contexts that combine the oriental cultural heritage with the modern international connotation and completed the publication of many ingenious designs. His works have won. The RED DOT AWARD space category. The IDA HMENTION CERT global indoor space category. The IF DESIGN AWARD indoor and architectural space design award. The A ‘ DESIGN AWARD. The Asia Pacific Designer Competition Most Creative Design Award. The TOP100 International Influence Chinese Designer Award. The China Brand Design Most Original Designer Award. 

Design Concept

Design is a contrast in the relationship between virtual and real. Design is a very abstract one. It seeks balance between being and not. It is the repeated balance between the abstraction of natural objects and the needs of reality. It is also the psychological demand close to natural humanization.

Practice Ideology

DCDSAA is a professional design organization, dedicated to architectural design and interior design research and implementation. The research and good use of materials is an important way of architectural, interior and landscape design innovation, so as to balance the relationship between architecture, interior and nature, as well as respect for history, culture, nature and light, more modern, diversified, commercialized, more unique and open to innovation.

We always believe that research is a powerful tool for design because each project has its own unique background. Detailed and in-depth research on planning operations, locations, functions and history is an indispensable element in the creation of rigorous works. On this basis, we have been committed to designing theoretical research and practice, and providing a full range of professional and original design services.

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