Dear Architects

Dear Architects


  • Practice: Dear Architects
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Monterrey, Nuevo León
  • Country: Mexico
  • Year: 2006

(“Text as submitted by Architect”)

Rubén Octavio Sepúlveda Chapa, Abel Salazar – Principal Architect

Practice Ideology

“We design and construct most of our projects, it is a self-made school, this meaning we did not work for any architectural office before or had any predecessor. We are interested in the creation of Architecture as a result of the interpretation of context and content, to represent culture in the specific time and place by space.”

“Architecture justifies its labor depending on the time it is made, nowadays with the purpose void of existentiality, the essence of Architecture we try to achieve is to create space that generates “conscious” moments that feed the spirit.”

Note: Excerpts from an interview for KONTEXTUR published on September 2019:

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