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Dinesh Suthar

Principal Designer | Founder
Master of Arts in Urban Design, Cardiff University, Wales, UK | 2007
Bachelor in Architecture, SCET, Surat, India | 2005

Dinesh is an urban designer and architect with 10 years of experience. After graduating from UK, Dinesh worked with a highly-recognized urban design firm, Studio REAL, in UK for almost 2 years, where he worked for large scale master planning projects and detailed neighborhood designs. He always had a dream of working in India so he came back home in 2009 and founded Design Work Group. Dinesh brings his international working and travel experience with him. He has developed his own values for minimalistic design and functional aspect of the project. He always searches of simple but appealing solutions for the issues in the projects. Dinesh is admiring of modern contemporary architecture with clean lines and simple geometry.

Dinesh is very meticulous in detailing of the projects along with detail drawings. His keen interests are residences and urban design projects with master planning work. As a co-founder, he maintains the high standards and quality of drawings produce by the team.

He was awarded gold medal for his design thesis in architecture and best performance in the architecture studies. He is visiting faculty at SCET, Surat. He also frequently invited as a jury and thesis guide in the design institutes.

Jitendra Sabalpara

Principal Designer | Founder
Master in City Design, SCET, Surat, India | 2012
Bachelor in Architecture, SCET,Surat, India | 2005

Jitendra is a people person; he oversees, DWG’s performance as a corporate entrepreneur. Above the design ability and experience, he has excellent management skills. As a co-founder of nationally recognized Design Work Group, you will find him building relationships, conceptual designs with his team and creating something indigenous, unique and beautiful for each and every client. He loves meeting new people, and having hour’s long conversations on world current issues and architecture philosophy.

He has worked with internationally acclaimed diamond merchants for their headquarters and residential projects. He believes in making everything grand and spectacular, and his set of beliefs reflects in his designs. He specializes in diamond factories, commercial headquarters and other large scale institutions.

Bharat Patel

Principal Designer | Founder
Master in City Design, SCET, Surat, India | 2012
Bachelor in Architecture, IPSA, Rajkot, India | 2006

Bharat Patel, co-founder of Design Work Group, has spent over a decade moulding his design ethics, a set of principles that is reflective in each of the firm’s projects. From concept to budget and design execution Bharat focuses on conceptual and design process, a philosophy that gives the firm and his service a personal feel. Upon graduation, Bharat spent months travelling in inner parts of India, expanding his design sentiment and deepening his love for eclectic design and architecture. Bharat enjoys travelling and photography.

Bharat has worked with acclaimed education institutions in and around Gujarat. He always searches for regionalism and vernacular space which can be interpreted in modern context and hence reflects in his designs. He is dedicated to creating honest and communicative relationships with clients.

Practice Ideology

At DWG , we see architecture as a means. A means to enhance the personal experience. Whether it’s a striking new build headquarters for an international client or a minimalist home , a project’s starting point is always the client. We pride ourselves in our deligence and our humility. We believe that clear , honest and frequent communications is the foundation of a successful project.We see sustainability as integral to the design of every building. With a team approach from the start ,we analyse the site and building concept as a whole system.We strive to create a building that works on every level and is uniquely designed to support your life, your work and your goals.

In 2006 , three like-minded individuals came together to create something astonishing and unique and hence founded DWG. We are dedicated to creating projects with integrity , intelligence and flair.We have a team of young and experienced individuals including civil engineers,architects,urban designers and interior designers. We have developed and continue to build a talented practice that produces creative solutions. As a team , DWG has vast experience in designing of residential bungalows (turn-key solutions) , apartments , commercials , industries and instituitional projects. Being urban designers we have also worked on large scale master planning and regeneration projects. These projects include residential master planning , town center development and industrial master planning. “Strive to make it great, every single time” – DWG Team.

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