Dezine Lounge

Dezine Lounge


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Amila Ruwan Liyanapathirana

After working 10 years with diverse architecture companies, Amila founded his own practice, where he developed several housing projects, hotels, and interiors from the early to the final stage.

Amila has always taken a personalized approach to imbue each project with a sense of connectedness to the context, region, climate, and landscape, using locally available materials and technology to provide a rich spatial experience.

He believes architecture, especially modern architecture, is not merely a craft that designs buildings; it enhances the aesthetics and beauty of the natural world, and the unfitness of clean lines and minimalistic interiors not only creates creature comforts but also makes environmentally friendly lifestyles. Making the world beautiful attracted him to architecture and interior design.

He thinks Architects typically tend to think about architecture all the time; I know I do. Not just the particular type of buildings or projects but every little thing from everywhere I go. I go somewhere and start looking at materials, form, massing, lighting, etc. It s a very interesting thing in life.

Practice Ideology

The team of Dezine Lounge is obsessed with creating good architecture. They believe good architecture encompasses all exterior and interior design aspects – the two cannot be separated. Architecture is a craft, and this passion drives each project. The design methodology centers on four principles, quality of space, driving concept and ideas, formal aesthetics, materials & details. All four components come together to produce a cohesive whole in each project. Dezine Lounge is headed by Architect Amila ruwan, who graduated from the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka. Having worked at several renowned architectural practices in Sri Lanka, Architect Amila has more than 10 years of experience leading various projects locally and overseas.

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