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  • Firm Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Country: Lithuania
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Gilma Teodora Gylyte

Gilma is actively involved in the public life of architecture – attends international conferences, writes articles on related topics, organizes public lectures, seminars and discussions. Together with various organizations, Gilma brings together a network of people with good initiatives, ideas, and similar goals to be part of a change. Gilma believes that words, work, and life must not differ – all new ideas you need to try on yourself. Therefore, the DO ARCHITECTS office is in a converted warehouse, Gilma herself lives in a communal street neighborhood, rides a bicycle around the city, buys vegetables at the local market. Advocate for an urban lifestyle, active urban spaces, and street transformation.



Practice ideology

DO ARCHITECTS creates architecture for people. A team of professional, insightful, courageous, and environmentally sensitive people are working on various and complex projects. Our goal is to create a good example of change in the surrounding environment. Environment shapes people, therefore, we create inspiring, relaxing, and comfortable spaces to be.

DO ARCHITECTS works with successful and innovative clients. Together we achieve significant and lasting transformations of cities, houses and landscapes. We create architecture that attracts attention, makes influence and determines success.

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