European Competition - 2023 - Archidiaries

FRB Arquitectos Asociados

FRB Arquitectos Asociados


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Faustino Ruiz

Rafael Braun







Practice Ideology

Lead by Faustino Ruiz and Rafael Braun office based in Mexico City with the aim of constantly seeking the synergy between successful real estate development and high architectural quality. We are made up of a network of professionals specialized in the areas of design, engineering, real estate development and construction. Based on teamwork, we create a virtuous circle between architecture, investment and construction. The result is a model where we build a city, generate direct and indirect jobs, and achieve sufficiently attractive financial returns for investment, to restart the cycle with a new project. We understand architecture as a forceful, intelligent and honest response to a given environmental, economic and sociocultural environment. Each project is an opportunity to study our way of living and exploring space. Our passion is to grow and transcend, putting our trade at the service of people.

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