• Practice: Hibinosekkei
  • Website: hibinosekkei.com/
  • Firm Location: Atsugi
  • Country: Japan
  • Year: 1972

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Taku Hibino









Practice Ideology

Founded in 1972, HIBINO SEKKEI has been designed and supervised the construction sites of various types of architecture. Public buildings including governmental offices and community centers were the main genre back then. After a considerable amount of experiences, in 2001, the company’s founding president enunciated a considerable shift in the company’s design area; it became an architectural designing office that specializes in two building categories: welfare facilities and children’s facilities. Like many other businesses, we believe having specialized field provides more benefits to the customers. As of today, the company have designed more than five hundred children’s facilities. “Youji no Shiro”, the children’s facilities designing section of the company, now receives inquiries from all around the world. Also, in 2016, the company formed a separate company called KIDS DESIGN LABO, which designs ‘everything other than architecture’ about children’s facilities such as furniture, uniform, CI and so on. Through the operation of both Youji no Shiro and KIDS DESIGN LABO, we are trying to make contributions to the society. Together with more and more clients who we can share the thoughts for the children, we are moving forward in generating a better environment for children. On the other hand, “FUKUSHI-KEN”, or the welfare facilities designing section, is also expanding its business area within Japan, through designs of buildings for both the elderly and the handicapped people. Most of the architecture we’ve been dealing with require us to face with the social problem of Japan nowadays, such as falling birthrate, waiting list for nursery schools, aging of population and the like. We do not believe a good design is brought about by a designer’s good sense. Rather, it’s something that is only gained through conversations with clients. Listening to the voices of clients and the site, we make a definite concept for each buildings. With the buildings we design, we wish to deliver added value to the clients and their businesses. Also, we feel that all the things that are related to the architecture are of our responsibilities, believing that regularly maintaining and revising both hardware and software of each buildings are necessary. As an expert group, we are determined to walk with our clients.

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