i2a Architects Studio

i2a Architects Studio


  • Practice: i2a Architects Studio
  • Website: www.i2aarchitects.com/
  • Firm Location: Thrissur, Kerala
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2016

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Completed Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in the year 2013 from Govt Engineering College ,Thrissur. The decision to start i2a: Inspire to Aspire Architects studio in 2016 was a call of passion. The intension of creating such a design studio was to develop a platform where all the skillsets and design principles acquired over the years through personal experience from training in other offices as well as travel explorations, could be applied. Making the base strong is key to any successful venture and the office’s base is the team, a group of likeminded people with unity and agreeableness as our binding principles. Along with professional practice another goal would be to mentor the design generation of tomorrow with an aim to share knowledge and experiences and play an active role in developing a design culture which is individual specific and context responsive.

Practice Ideology

Here at I2A we craft designs that not only reflect our brimming passion towards architecture but also our commitment towards innovating practical solutions to the challenges of our clients. We encourage our clients to do what they do the best, to dream without inhibitions. Then we get to work doing what we do the best, transforming them into designs that house their bigger dreams.

We call it a success when we earn the trust of our clients to pose their toughest design challenge to us. We call it a roaring success when those challenges take us into the path of innovating something unique for them.

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