Jan Proksa – Architect

Jan Proksa – Architect


  • Practice: Jan Proksa - Architect
  • Website: www.janproksa.com/
  • Firm Location: Vienna
  • Country: Austria
  • Year: 2014

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Jan Proksa

My connection to the process of design is deeply rooted in my fascination with photography and film, which has accompanied me throughout my professional development. This fascination with the visual heavily influences my architectural outlook, which I understand as the creation of images through the spatial understanding of individual spaces.




Practice Ideology

Our Vienna-based office is specialized in individual solutions for custom projects in: interesting interior and landscape design, small and large scale buildings, sculpture, and urban planning. Each member of our team of specialists brings their own unique experience to the table as we approach the needs of a new client or a new project.

Working in a team ensures that there is time and space to accompany the design process from its initial conception to its final construction and subsequent interior design. I believe that a project can only be successful when the goals and expectations are clearly communicated between client and architect, so that we can work together to achieve a result that we are both proud of.

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