• Practice: KOMPAS
  • Website: kompas-arch.com
  • Firm Location: Hong Kong and Tokyo
  • Country: China, Japan
  • Year: 2018

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Mai Komuro

Mai Komuro born in Osaka in 1983 is a registered architect in Japan and holds an Master degree of Architecture from the University of Tokyo and a Bachelor degree of Architecture from Kyoto University. She studied at ETH Zurich as an exchange student and taught there as an Assistant in 2009. Since 2008 she worked at Herzog & de Meuron for over 9 years and in its Hong Kong office since 2014 as an Associate, where she led designing M+ Museum in Hong Kong as a Project Architect as well as various international projects. She has established KOMPAS in Hong Kong and Tokyo in 2018.


Practice Ideology

KOMPAS is an international architecture design studio established in Hong Kong and in Tokyo in 2018. It specialises in designing a wide range of architecture and space from furniture scale to city scale anywhere in the world, plus a more profound experiences of designing public space and art space. Its design approach starts from research and understand the project’s specificity, then developing design proposals to enhance its uniqueness, adding extra values and fulfilling the requirements through close dialogues with clients and other collaborators.

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