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Kritika Saini

I graduated from the university of Sushant School of Art & Architecture,G.G.S.I.P, Delhi in 2015. In 2017, I post-graduated from the university of UPC (ETSAV), Barcelona, Spain. I have my Master’s degree in MPDA (Masters in Parametric Design in Architecture).

In 2018, I founded Kritikaa architect, an architecture and design studio based in Gurugram, HR, India. I have worked on various Industrial projects, ranging from warehouses to mills etc. I am also involved in designing and conceptualizing design ideas for clients and competition platforms. I love to design Museums and airports. Therefore, I collaborate with other architecture firms to conceptualize museum & airport design for/with them. “Thinking out of the box” is how I approach projects and as architects I believe, we should constantly think & create something new and interesting by being inspired by nature around us.

My interests lie in Urban Design, Building Design and Landscape Design. There is a specific design approach that I like to follow, which first involves understanding what the design requires, then understanding the context, developing a concept that binds everything as a whole, developing the design scheme (by sketches, form finding with physical models, side by side digital testing, research on the idea implementation etc.) And finally working on the final design. The design process plays a major role in growing an idea and achieving what we want. I also believe that form and function have to be worked together for an idea to be expressed well. It is important to perceive an idea in terms of Design, Fabrication, Construction etc. Parametric design has always intrigued me, and I would like to use it as an extra tool in my design approach. Hence, more opportunity in exploring and creating new ideas. Colors play an important role in my design because I believe it influences and affects people by widening their visual and emotional perspective. This is what bridges the gap between architecture and people, tangible and intangible spaces. I am a street explorer. Traveling, exploring, observing spaces and people gives me inspiration.

Practice Ideology

Founded in 2018, Kritikaa Architect is an interdisciplinary Architecture & Design Studio based in India. We design in different scales & scope. Our projects span a wide array of design fields, from architecture and interior design to construction, from Industrial to various building design, from landscape design to master planning.

Most importantly, we would use Parametric Design as an extra tool to enhance our design approach. This blend of parametric with architecture is very essential for form-finding, optimization and fabrication of our idea. We thrive to implement the latest technology and materials in our projects. Colors play an important role in our design approach as we believe it influences and affects people by widening their visual and emotional perspectives.

We think Form and Function in design of voids, in tangible and intangible spaces, in conception and organization of design processes and ideas and in influencing minds by generating emotions.

We believe building revolves around people and is not merely an architecture shape. Hence, we thrive to achieve simple, yet unique design.

INNOVATION & EXPERIENCE: “Thinking out of the box” “Thriving for new Ideas”

QUALITY & APPRECIATION: “A walk down memory lane”

SENSITIVE DESIGN APPROACH: “slow and steady wins the race”

BEAUTY & INTELLIGENCE: “Element of surprise”



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