• Practice: LAAR
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Yucatán
  • Country: Mexico
  • Year: 2015

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Diego Andrés Lizama Azcorra
Architect, Designer & Photographer

Andrea Cecilia Alcocer Carrillo
Architect & Designer







Practice Ideology

LAAR is a Mexican design and architecture studio established in 2015 and run by Cecilia Alcocer and Diego Lizama. Their passion for design and architecture has led them to develop projects of conceptual experimentation and social works that have been winners of several competitions and recognized by national and international design awards. Their works use architectural thinking to understand life and take a prospective look into the future. LAAR’s ideology lies in the belief that conceptual approaches understand design as opportunities for change that contribute to the evolution of living spaces by looking at how the existing is conceived to broaden the spectrum of universal solutions. Taking design as raw material, they have been able to work in architecture, interior design, landscaping and furniture projects, understanding that beyond the creation of living and functional spaces or objects, design is about a stage of life, full of hopes and dreams of the soul of a person, a family, a community, a city or the world, which must be translated into integral projects, that is why more than spaces, the main ingredient of their projects are the experiences and emotions in a world in constant change.

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