Laura Ortin Arquitectura

Laura Ortin Arquitectura


  • Practice: Laura Ortin Arquitectura
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Murcia
  • Country: Spain
  • Year: 2011

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Laura Ortin

Laura Ortín is an architect from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Valencia, SPAIN (2006). She specialized in Building at L’ École d’ Architecture ISAI in Brussels. She currently directs the Laura Ortín Arquitectura studio, where architectural projects and furniture design are developed. She is a researcher of Contemporary Abstraction at the Higher Technical School of Madrid. She is also a professor of the Master in Interior Design, Decoration, and Retail Designer at Instituto 42.

In 2014 he created the clothing firm LOdiseñaLO. She has collaborated on the radio with a cultural section. She has written articles for various specialized magazines such as Innovation and Research in Architecture and Territory of the University of Alicante or Academic Documents of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Bolivia.

She has several print-ed publications in international architecture magazines such as I-PLUS Magazine from South Korea, L’ARCHITECTURE D’AUJOURD’HUI in France, and the German magazine FIO, besides being a regular on blogs like Elle decoration, Desingmilk, Designboom, or Archdaily.

Practice Ideology

Laura Ortín Architecture is an architectural office based in Murcia, Spain, open to any kind of design. We work on projects and management of new work, rehabilitation, reform, and furniture design—also technical consultancy and urban planning.

The architecture, regardless of the scale, is faced with: respect, memory, hospitality, honesty, and always, always economy. The office defends the political (social) capabilities of architectural design. The small (or great) purpose is to get closer to Happiness.

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