Laurent Troost Architectures

Laurent Troost Architectures


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Laurent Troost

­Belgian architect Laurent Troost, based in Manaus, in the Amazon, holds a Master degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the Victor Horta Institute, Brussels (2001), and a specialization in “Geographies and Cities” at Escola da Cidade, São Paulo (2010).

He has established his practice “Laurent Troost Architectures” in Brazil in 2008 after working in Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Dubai and São Paulo for Office for Metropolitan Architecture – Rem Koolhaas and Studio Arthur Casas, among others. Since then, Laurent has developed several urban and architectural projects from all scales and has won several international competitions and awards. Among those, the Dezeen Award 2019 in the Rural House category for the Casa Campinarana.

Since 2013, is he also the Urban Planning Director at Manaus Municipality and co-founder of the LABVERDE, an Art Immersion Program in the Amazon.

Practice Ideology

Laurent Troost Architectures is an agency which was created in 2008 when Belgian architect Laurent Troost, after working for several years with Rem Koolhaas, settled in Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian Amazon. The agency’s work crosses all the scales that define the living space, from object to territory. The agency’s network of collaborators and partners cross several linguistic and geographic boundaries. This is why the agency’s philosophy always mixes global and local characters in order to deliver the most unique but necessary projects.

In order to do “more” with “less”, the agency’s production can be associated with 3 themes: program, micro-climate and structure.

Any project begins with a delicate analysis of the program in order to be able to focus on the essential elements, to manipulate them in order to be able to rearrange them in a different way from the expected.

Any project integrates any kind of pre-existence and creates a micro-climate in order to improve the environmental conditions and comfort for the users.

Any project proposes a structural rationalism to achieve an economy of means together with a strong identity.

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