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Maincourse Architect


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Pavin Supasri

Pavin Supasri has been a co-founder and partner at MAINCOURSE since 2013. He has worked on many projects in Bangkok and Thailand – including Residential, Hospitality, Wellness, Workspace, and Retail. Due to his work background in the past, Pavin was labeled among Thailand’s Top 40 Thai creative workers under 40 in 2018 by art4d.




Practice Ideology

We see ourselves as master chefs who cook tasty dishes for our clients. We choose the best quality ingredients. Our secret recipes are concept, criteria, and mood, which we apply to every dish. Same as our design philosophy, which follows a particular project’s individual standards. We create a uniquely strong concept for each design. In addition, subtle tactics are applied, giving enjoyable elements hidden within each design that interacts with our clients.

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