Marco Ghilotti Architetto

Marco Ghilotti Architetto


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Marco Ghilotti

Graduated in Architecture from the Milan Polytechnic; gained a PhD in Architectural Design at the same university. Teaches at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture-USI (2013-2020) and the Milan Polytechnic. He has an architectural practice in Morbegno – Italy.






Practice Ideology

Space is a common good, it is the daily object of our profession and above all today it is a limited good that is important to take care of. Our architecture studio aims to develop projects for the construction of the living space of man in the contemporary territory, aware of the fact that the latter is a limited asset and must therefore be used responsibly. Each work of architecture confronts, transforms and contributes to building the place in which it is placed. Knowing the context is therefore essential for us to be able to intervene, it is in fact the place, together with the program that generates the project. The program turns into a volume. The shape of the latter relates to the context by interpreting it and arranging itself within the assigned area so that the void it generates becomes the protagonist of the project. Designing in the territory, even a minimal sign, is for us an important gesture, of great responsibility that modifies the landscape intended as a collective space and common good.

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