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Minus Workshop


  • Practice: Minus Workshop
  • Website: minusworkshop.co/
  • Firm Location: Hong Kong
  • Country: China
  • Year: NA

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Kevin Yiu

A passionate interior designer, has completed his studies in Australia and accumulated 15 years of bounteous designing experiences from school and previous careers. By striving in a package design firm in school time, Kevin endorsed his talents in designing and reinforced his devotion towards the industry. Kevin was later enlisted in Design Post Tokyo, he participated in a variety of projects in guidance of Yamagiwa Junpei. Confronting in different practices has advanced his designing sensibilities and productive dexterity; while outstanding designing provisions were acquired and explored from engaging in different journeys.

Kevin is very hands-on, he pursues the best endeavor for customizing every details in strategical design by involving in every stages of projects. As an accountable designer, Kevin does not only design , but also committing himself from perceiving the needs of clients and site visiting, conscientious designing and planning, distinctive material palette selecting and matching, till final execution; he is always there to guarantee the quality of outcome and request of users. Establishing Minus Workshop as personal label since 2014, Kevin is significant in designing tailored residential units and restaurants with unique and precise techniques captured from past experiences. Stepping in other industry by operating Lost Stars Livehouse Bar & Eatery and GoldBlack Creative Coffee Journey, has ameliorated Kevin’s perceptions in F&B designing; not only concerning the design outcome but also considered the entire brand story, functions and operational practicability within the space.

Encompassing these years, Kevin is equipped with knowledge and experiences accompanying with his obsession in designing. With no doubts, Kevin will endure to enhance himself, elaborate his characters throughout designs and dedicate in his career.

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