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Molo Architekti

Molo Architekti


(“Text as taken from the website”)

Tereza Kučerová

2008 – present

Moloarchitekti sro

2002 – 2008

VŠUP – Prague diploma in studio architecture I acad. arch. Jindřich Smetana

2005 – 2006

internship at Anja Beecken Architekten

studio internship at UDK Berlin (studio of Prof. arch. Wiel Arets, studio of Prof. arch. Peter Bayerer)

2000 – 2002


Practice Ideology

We are an association of architects with the aim of creating a quality living space. We understand design as a creative solution to a problem. The project grows from a mushroom of demands, wishes and dreams that meet a specific place and legal order. From the clash of these requirements and limitations, we create contemporary architecture thanks to logic, emotion and experience.

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