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MYVN Architecture


  • Practice: MYVN Architecture
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  • Firm Location: #3, Banswadi Bible, Double Church Rd, Vijaya Bank Colony, Banasawadi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2007

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Elayaraja Mayavan

Elayaraja Mayavan graduated from NIT (REC) Trichy in 2007, upon graduation Elay, worked with Architect Edgar Demello and many other renowned architects. With a passion for architecture and a quest for challenges, he founded MYVN Architecture in 2015.For the past 13 years of Architectural practice, He Holds a strong belief in the reasoning behind every design decision, Elay has produced a variety of projects ranging from residential developments, commercial spaces, educational buildings and interiors. With every design project, he enjoys experimenting and exploring with new methodologies and ideas. He follows the idea of understanding the client needs and responsibility towards the site context. With his dedication and eye for precision he has brought a new character to every project. He has been actively participating in numerous competitions around the globe to explore the diversified field and to experiment with the new aspects of design. He has always brought a mix of culture, diversity in his team which has resulted in achieving a wider perspective towards every design. Elay’s work been published and awarded in various categories. He constantly shares his vision and ideology among the young minds, to open up their perspective towards Architecture and Design.

Practice Ideology

MYVN Architecture is a Bangalore based multi-disciplinary architectural firm, formed by highly creative and innovative architects, focuses on architecture and design with a strong belief in fundamentals of design philosophies and design processes. And at the same time exploring the contemporary tools and techniques through constant research and computational methods of design and build that helps bring new perspectives to the fundamentals. The firm currently works on multi scaled architectural, interior and urban design projects across India.

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