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Nakshabid Architects


  • Practice: Nakshabid Architects
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  • Firm Location: Dhaka
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Year: NA

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Ar. Bayejid M. Khondoker

Ar. Bayejid M. Khondoker creates places and spaces that engage in a dialog with the history, beliefs and needs of a particular place and time. As a profound architect of Bangladesh, he works on many scales, thoughtfully designing public places and spaces, to build on the unique local character and the best qualities of the forms inherent in that geographic region.




Practice Ideology

Nakshabid is a team of collaborative, innovative thinkers who enjoy contributing to our dynamic, rewarding studio culture. Nakshabid is a progressive and ethical architectural practice. We design with empathy for the human condition with science for sustainable outcomes, and with art for crafting beautiful places. With practice over 26 years, we are confident in our ability to meet future challenges such as growing cities, urban issues, and inclusive climate-sensible design.

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