NDB Design Studio

NDB Design Studio


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Ni Dongbo

Ni Dongbo, the founder and design director of NDB DESIGN STUDIO, works to explore the possibilities between people, people and space from an independent perspective. With continuous design practices over the years, he has gained increasing recognition in the design field. He won IAI DESIGN AWARD and GPDP AWARD in 2018, and was invited as an ambassador of GPDP AWARD 2019. Believing that an excellent designer must dig into diverse lifestyles, Ni Dongbo regards spatial design as a practice of designing habits. He holds that whether for commercial space or living space, people are the protagonist. His approach is to solve functional issues and meanwhile respond to users’ taste and habits, which are always a priority in his design practices.


Practice Ideology

NDB DESIGN STUDIO, established in 2019, specializes in interior design with post-90s designers as its main force. The studio insists on originality for each project, and pursues creative design ideas. Business scope mainly includes architecture, interior, VI and furnishings design solutions. NDB DESIGN STUDIO is a young professional team that excels at capturing the needs of clients and capitalizing on professional expertise and common sense to approach design. Each time when tasked with a new project, the team conducts thorough analysis to identify the client’s demands as well as challenges and pain points, striving to work out professional holistic design solutions. The studio commits to improving the working and living environment for users, and always supports the employees to make breakthroughs and realize self-worth as a designer.

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