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Nestcraft Architecture

Nestcraft Architecture


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A Calicut-Kerala-based Architectural studio established in 2012, founded by Rohit palakkal.The Architect passed out from Mumbai University in 2009. Nestcraft focuses on the design and execution of Architecture, Interiors, landscape, allied design and Engineering.

Nestcraft has steadily developed into a professional practice emphasizing values of integrity, commitment and innovation. The studio has multidisciplinary members of professionals, including Architects, Civil engineers, Project co-ordinates, Design assistants, Site engineers, Graphic Designers etc., who work on various projects. In addition to the critical focus area of Residential projects, the office handles projects over a broad spectrum—commercial complexes, housing projects, Religious buildings, and interior designs. The office is located in the heart of Calicut city. Apart from practice, Nestcraft is passionate about educating design. It delivers Workshops for Design students on the Theme/subject of Basic Design in Architecture and Understanding Architecture, Art, Creativity, Lifestyle, Space, Environment, People and Materials.

Practice Ideology

Architecture for Nestcraft is ‘inventing lifestyles’ on a macro level. On a micro-level, it is doing utmost justification to the environment, functionality and practicality of the spaces and architecture as a product, a conscious response to the client’s budget, and to innovate maximum within the limitations. As a young practice, Nestcraft started off with projects with high budget limitations. It has become a practice philosophy to work on limits and reduce resources, materials, space and energy usage. Nestcraft looks forward to reducing one square foot of built area and educating the user about that not needed room in the design program, which finally is being generous to mother earth.

Rohit’s design approaches try to explore the right mix of least carbon footprint, recyclable, natural materials and passive lighting and ventilation, complementing its natural textures and colours to deliver an artful feel. Light is the core idea for designing a building. He centralizes the entire design around it, aiming to create maximum space on the plot and maximize light penetration across the buildings. The space is supposed to serve the users in terms of functions and make nature the core of the building, says Rohit.

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