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OMCM Arquitectos


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Matías Ortiz – María Paz Chamorro

We were both partners and graduates of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Art of the National University of Asunción. We have been invited to collaborate as teaching assistants in the Urban Project and Design for “Taller E” of the same Faculty. We participated in the construction of the Paraguayan pavilion at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale together with the Aqua Alta collective. We participated in various public and private competitions, highlighting obtaining 1st place in the design and development of the project for the Club Centenario Recreation Center, 2nd place in the design of the new Annex 2 of the same club, Honorable Mention in the prototype contest of architecture for the new headquarters of Teletón and also in the national competition for the urban redesign of the Bañado Norte in the city of Asunción. We have also participated in courses and symposia on resilient cities at the Technology University of Delft – Holland. All these incursions have added knowledge and experience to the proposals that we have been developing with our clients, where we specialize in residential, commercial, institutional and urban interventions.

Practice Ideology

We believe that our processes are characterized by starting any challenge by investigating, debating, analyzing and exploring the greatest number of possibilities of action to decide on comprehensive solutions that summarize the requirements for each occasion. It is essential to maintain a fresh awareness, constant rehearsal and learning over time and not fall into repetitive formulas or repertoires that do not adapt in the best way to each situation, understanding that every assignment has a different history and context from the other. We believe that it is important to know the materials, their characteristics, advantages-disadvantages and know how to use them appropriately – which are not necessarily those that the catalog defines or determines – Understand that a work must endure with sobriety, without major inconveniences and overprized cost for users, and still be flexible to adapt to future variables that may arise.

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