Pablo Moreno Mansilla – Julián Zapata Jiménez

Pablo Moreno Mansilla – Julián Zapata Jiménez


  • Practice: Pablo Moreno Mansilla - Julián Zapata Jiménez
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Madrid
  • Country: Spain
  • Year: 1990

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Pablo Moreno Mansilla & Julián Zapata Jiménez









Practice Ideology

Architectural design must contemplate the possibility of being interpreted subjectively by all audiences. It should be expression of the most outstanding values and perceptions of what it intends to transmit. Above anything else, a project must be rational and pragmatic, although beautiful and harmonic at the same time; based on the poetic conceptualization of an idea. This is the only way of achieving to present several readings in one only architectural expression. With our designs, we seek to transmit the spectator the uniqueness of a proposal. Our projects have a wider vision, global and plural. We start from the simplicity of the forms and a clear language to determine the workflow and the direct and dynamic image of the project. For that purpose, we necessarily identify what we are looking to transmit. Concepts such as stability, solvency, growth, sustainability… they all must be represented in the final image as well as future, cost effectiveness and dynamism. The final result must stand out for its quality, service, professionalism and reliability. Establishing quality and service controls is relatively simple, as the difficulty resides in obtaining an innovative and adequate proposal. We aim to offer nowadays solutions in the creation of our projects, throughout the design and the construction, so these answer to the need of going forward offering the best result. Summarizing, we pretend to look for innovation in the final results, harmonizing values with development, guided by the principles of solvency, competitiveness and sustainability.

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