Pranala Associates

Pranala Associates


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Ronald Pallencaoe

Ronald is the founder and managing principal of Pranala Associates. He graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2004. Before founding Pranala, he also worked for Sean Godsell Architects in Melbourne, Australia.



Erick Laurentius

As co-founder and design development principal, Erick ensures every design is based on Pranala’s method and approach while maintaining the best quality. He graduated from Parahyangan University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Architecture.



Darius Tanujoyo

Darius joined Pranala Associates in 2018. With extensive experience gained by working with architectural firms in Melbourne, he applies his technical and philosophical skills to pursue innovation. He graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2003.



Practice Ideology

Established in 2007, Pranala Associates is an architecture studio based in Bandung, Indonesia. 

It is a joint partnership between Indonesian architects; Ronald Pallencaoe and Erick Laurentius and later on joined by fellow Indonesian architect, Darius Tanujoyo as the company’s third senior partner in 2017.

Initially, Pranala did and still does, a lot of residential projects but over time it expanded into the commercial realm. With the principle of bridging between the client and architecture, Pranala emphasizes the importance of understanding the surrounding environment, the building’s initial function, and the needs of the client. All of that is transformed into a comprehensive design.

Pranala applies a problem-solving perspective that bridges the design with the clients. The design is based on research, both in commercial and residential projects, to comprehensively understand the surrounding circumstances and envision what the clients may need in the future. 

Therefore, Pranala’s designs are the result of systematic thoughts, involving various aspects and considerations. It makes our approach different for each project but always with the same methods.

Pranala follows the principle of building function, which then becomes a transformation that unites efficiency and natural aesthetics with regard to the existing situation.

We believe that a building is more than just a building but provides value to its users. We implement our architectural and design foundation to what we can use to give value to the building and space. 

After all, buildings are not about the architect, but who the user is.

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