• Practice: rbhu
  • Website: www.hellorbhu.com
  • Firm Location: Rajkot, Gujarat
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2023

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Richa Chhatbar

Richa is a practicing designer and founder at rbhu. She holds a bachelor’s degree in interior architectural design from the School of Environmental Design and Architecture, Navrachana University. Richa’s keen interest in travel and the knowledge and hands-on processes of making led her to pursue design as a profession. 

She aims to simplify the complexity of design by responding to the fundamentals of context, place, and design. Her functional approach often brings unexplored perspectives to light and encourages innovation.

Practice Ideology

rbhu is a Sanskrit word meaning “builder, artist, prudent, skilled, clever”.

At rbhu, the designers believe every idea has a process to build. They believe in the process through the act of shaping spaces and objects that deeply impact our relationship from the nuances of our everyday experiences.

They engage, create, and inspire through their experience in interior-architectural design, art direction, and visual design to create storylines that connect emotionally with audiences and are conceptual, functional, and simple.

A collaborative design practice, operating under the aegis of rbhu, finds its home in Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

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