Saymon Dall Alba ARQUITETO

Saymon Dall Alba ARQUITETO


  • Practice: Saymon Dall Alba ARQUITETO
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  • Firm Location: Caxias do Sul - RS, Brazil
  • Country: Brazil
  • Year: NA

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Saymon Dall Alba

Architect graduated in 2014 from the University of Caxias do Sul (UCS) and with a period of studies at Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura in Sevilla, Spain, he specializes in commercial architecture.


ING Restaurant Architecture _ 2018

EGG Kitchen Design _ 2020

EGG Delivery Project _ 2020

EGG Restaurant Architecture _ 2020

Practice Ideology


We are specialists in commercial projects, with more than 4 years developing solutions for the most diverse branches, from gastronomy to advertising agencies and offices. There are nine projects for cafes, restaurants and pubs, which makes us experts in this field. We know the needs of commercial projects, the short execution time and the need for a quick return to profitability, helping our customers to choose the best cost-benefit, always combined with good project design.


Our interior projects combine good taste and the functional quality of spaces. All the details are planned thinking about the trafficability of users, their desires and ways of living. The hygge style is present in many of the solutions, transforming homes into machines for living well.

Works follow-up

We work with the company Tangram – Soluções em Reformas in the management of projects developed by the office. We follow the works from start to finish, organizing all the budgets of service providers and stores, in addition to directing the work execution team, which delivers to our customers the budgets, general and weekly schedule, technical monitoring of engineers, in addition to the management of the work and services.


The office develops residential architectural projects that reflect contemporaneity without losing the identity of the residents. We focus on functional and aesthetic quality, internal flows and circulations, thermal and acoustic comfort, always with a lot of personality and innovative materials.

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