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Eliza Schuchovski








Practice Ideology

We are an architecture firm that believes in rescuing the essentials in our lives and in bringing people’s well-being through their homes. Therefore, the language of our projects is always determined by the identity of each family, imprinted on the architecture of their home. Here, each project has its own history and identity. Your truth. Harmony with the essence of the residents allows the architecture to reach its maximum expression: favors family relationships, promotes facilities, contributes to the residents’ routine, causes a feeling of security and comfort, enables the connection with nature and collaborates with new behaviors and habits. As for the challenges, for us, they are seen as a means of expression. And, in response to all of them, we bring elements of originality and boldness: the unusual and the authentic are always present in our creation, helping people to be surprised by the new, in an atmosphere of sensations and emotions. From the study of the terrain and the client’s premises, we designed an architecture that carries the appropriate proportion together with transparency, luminosity, slenderness, amplitude and sculptural lightness. In this process, technology is an ally to develop projects: we use various software, such as BIM (Building Information Modeling), which aggregate information and contribute to the quality of work, making good decisions during the design and construction process. , and the anticipation of problems and solutions, reducing overall costs of projects and works. Finally, we believe in architecture as a means of connecting to a better life.

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