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Sharal Architects


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Md. Mainul Islam

Ar. Md. Mainul Islam is a promising young architect from Bangladesh and founder of Sharal Architects, a reputable architectural consulting firm in the country. He started his architectural studies at University of Huddersfield, England and later graduated from North South University, Bangladesh. Mainul started his career for a reputed firm in Dhaka and was project architect for several high-rise buildings & conceptualization of upcoming “Sheikh Hasina International Cricket Stadium” in Dhaka. In 2018, He founded “Sharal Architects’ to start his own venture that reflects his values toward architecture. His design approach keeps simplicity by combining traditional & contemporary ideas.



Anindita Laz Banti

Ar. Anindita Laz Banti is a young and talented architect from Bangladesh and the co-founder of Sharal Architects, a reputable architectural consulting firm in the country. Anindita has received her Master of Architecture (M.Arch) from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in the United States. She currently holds a position as a lecturer at the prestigious North South University, a private school of higher education in Bangladesh. From the very beginning of her architectural career, she aspired to invent something new, that will greatly enhance the cultural values of Bangladesh in the global platform. To make a difference in architecture, she believes in working with and for the community to demonstrate the importance of their identity and presence in greater perspective. Regarding design and decision-making, she is a good team leader who constantly exhibits high levels of encouragement and punctuality. Her design approach fosters a sense of belonging to the local environment and culture.

Practice Ideology

Sharal Architects, an architectural practice, was established with the belief that architecture has an impact that extends beyond specific structures or buildings; it affects people’s lives. A structure’s simplicity can serve as a connection between people, nature, culture, and history, and such inspiring surroundings positively affect people’s lives. In Bengali language “Sharal” means straight, simple, easy, sincere and that is what we adhere to. Our unique creations reflect the values we hold.

In a world that is always changing, we value conserving traditional values. We believe it’s essential to keep a thorough understanding of the various nuances and layers of Bangladeshi culture and figure out how to present these intricacies to the world in a way that’s meaningful and opens a door for people from all over the world to enjoy the best that the nation has to offer.

The firm considers that architecture can play a significant role in helping communities address their past, create new stories, and envision new futures. We believe every project has a purpose. From the beginning of the project’s conception to its completion, we collaborate with our partners to develop and implement a common vision to achieve that purpose. Our approach uses local materials and addresses site-specific issues to integrate buildings with the surrounding environment.

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