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Spatial Affairs Bureau

Spatial Affairs Bureau


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Peter Culley
Creative Director, Founder

Peter Culley is the creative leader and founder of Spatial Affairs Bureau – an architecture, landscape, and general design studio based in the UK and US. Central to Peter’s ethos for Spatial Affairs Bureau’s practice is being open across disciplines and scales, recognising and embracing the limits of a scenario, and bringing experts in their fields to enable rich collaborations and experimentation. He comes from a background in cultural projects where buildings and landscape are considered hand in hand in search of a delicate balance, and tries to view the building envelope more as a uniting filter between interior and exterior environments than as a hard cut-off between them. He believes that design response is a carefully orchestrated reconciliatory process that operates between a series of intermeshing factors that include site needs and opportunity; client and project premise; creative intuition; and technological pertinence.

Practice Ideology

Spatial Affairs Bureau is an award-winning architecture, design and landscape firm based in the United States and the United Kingdom led by UK architect Peter Culley. Projects range across considerable scales and settings, with a consistency in design approach and an implicit commitment to headline strategy and detailed execution. We treat each new project as an opportunity for open-minded exploration whilst being committed to completing and building those strands of investigation. We are capable across disciplines – including lighting and interior architecture – though as projects require it, we like also to collaborate with other specialists.

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