Studio Capitanio Architetti

Studio Capitanio Architetti


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Remo Capitanio

Born in 1976, he graduated from the Milan Polytechnic in 2003 after attending the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kunste and working at the Auer+Weber+Partner studio in Stuttgart (De).

In 2000 he founded the STUDIO CAPITANIO ARCHITETTI starting it initially in partnership with Alberto Capitanio.

He has extensive experience in the field of landscape design and in the field of the redevelopment of urban public spaces. Profound connoisseur of soft mobility with particular attention to cycling issues.

Practice Ideology

STUDIO CAPITANIO ARCHITETTI has gained significant experience in the design of offices, residences, infrastructures, cultural and leisure spaces, master plans, with a view to satisfying the different needs of public and private clients. The interaction between architectural design and engineering analysis allows perfect control over all the constituent components of the project, giving the proposals the highest quality in terms of overall congruence, definition and attention to detail, and reduction of development times. Particular attention is paid to research on the environmental sustainability of projects, the in-depth analysis of the elements of bio-architecture and the use of eco-compatible materials and technologies.

In planning, the CAPITANIO ARCHITETTI STUDIO sets itself the objective of developing architectural design in an understandable and coherent way through profound and continuous research and re-elaboration of contemporary expressive languages, combined with a careful study of the inputs of the reference context in the dialogue with the territory. In response to the specificities and challenges of the project guidelines, the studio’s approach is characterized by the ability to focus on the potential of the project, enhancing its functional, environmental and economic aspects.

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