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Rajesh Shivaram

Two years of graduating BIT, Bangalore, in the midst of real estate boom in 2003, Rajesh Shivaram decided to go independent and set up Technoarchitecture..

Their architecture is experimental and attempts to modulate space to create beautiful , peaceful or dramatic spaces.

Out of the numerous awards the firm’s won over the years – the A+D young award 2014 , IIID young architect award 2009, NDTV design excellence award 2016 and the recently India’s top 50 next gen architect award who will shape India are more worthy.

Rajesh Shivaram’s – MAAYAJUG, a spiritual library is one of his path breaking’s works.

His 16 years of experience brings an ultimate precedent and deserving fame to the firm. The firm has covered various facets of architecture and interior design, offering each client a combination of imaginative design, expertise and meticulous workmanship. The firm, moreover is in its peerless success and growth because of the felicity of joint endeavor.

Practice Ideology

I perceive architecture as a visual poetry, a language of sorts in which texture, shadows, forms are cohesive with simple elegance.

I have always allowed myself to be led by emotions and images; that are capable of conveying a relationship to the buildings. Visualization when it comes landscape, the textures, the smell of materials – the idea of embracing it, containing it, yet liberating it as much as possible.

I always believed an architect is a catalyst between the site and the building. It’s the passion to create meaningful lasting impression and surely some of the biggest inspirational people in life that drives me.

To make sure your work is the best as it can be through its service to others and contribution to a more sustainable built world.

The design process is simple and complex at the same – the building must elevate you; it should take you to a different level. You need to feel it from deep inside.

My biggest inspiration comes from anything in tropical architecture and of course the great legend – Ar.Geoffrey Bawa himself.

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