Tetro Arquitetura

Tetro Arquitetura


  • Practice: Tetro Arquitetura
  • Website: www.tetro.com.br/
  • Firm Location: Brazil
  • Country: Brazil
  • Year: 2001

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Carlos Maia, Debora Vieira Mendes, Igor Macedo

Carlos Maia, Débora Vieira Mendes and Igor Macedo graduated in 2005 from UFMG and did postgraduate studies at FGV and ITU. Carlos and Igor have already taught at UFMG and ITU respectively. They won 1st place in the contest for the Headquarters of the Minas Gerais Symphony Orchestra, 1st place in the Morar na Metrópole contest – 450 years in SP, 1st place in Ópera Prima, Honorable Mentions in the Caixa de Habitação Social and Unisinos Shopping Award.

Practice Ideology

For Tetro, each project is unique. Innovation will emerge from a customized and structured response to customers’ needs and lifestyles. We have no preconceived solutions, nor an aesthetic to be imposed. We are aware of our responsibility and our role in helping to realize this great undertaking, which is for life. We intend that the design contributes to the quality of life, to the comfort, to the coexistence and to the valorization of the property, increasing its immaterial value in the market. In the end, the construction must also integrate with nature in a harmonious way and be a direct response to the needs of the land.

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