TOUCH Architect

TOUCH Architect


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Setthakarn Yangderm
Founder | Director | Architect







Parpis Leelaniramol
Founder | Architect







Practice Ideology

TOUCH Architect, founded in 2014 by the architects, Setthakarn Yangderm and Parpis Leelaniramol, which is a design studio based in Bangkok. It was changed from mini studio into a company with a great chance of an improvement. Founders are collaborating together with the team in design, construction, and management. “TOUCH” comes from our expertise and services which cover all project stages. It focuses on basic human needs together with cultural, environmental concern and context experiment, with an aesthetic of sustainability architecture. An ordinary structure and simple material are used to form an architecture, as well as to create functional and practical dwellings. Full scope of design services includes all various types of project phases, from clients’ disposition, project research and concept, design development, construction drawing and permission, construction inspection, as well as, technical supervision.

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