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Uygur Architects, founded in 1986 by Semra Uygur and Özcan Uygur in Ankara, design urban and architectural projects for almost 35 years. Alongside with remarkable works on cultural and educational buildings, Uygur Architects also have notable experiences in large-scale prominent private and public office buildings. Interpretation of the requirements and the function is an important phase of the design process for Uygur Architects. In most of the cases requirements and programs are developed and modified together in discussion with the clients as well. According to the Uygur Architects’ main approach, spatial design is not only for the users but also for the society around. This is “Intermutual Architecture” as they call. Besides offering a utilitarian shelter, space is composed and constructed to interact and communicate with humans while potentiating introspection, imagination and daydreaming.

As a principle, authenticity is accentuated as a spatial quality for all projects within the relation to the context. Extensive study of the correlation between the environmental features and the designed space is adopted as the predominant design phase. The forms are produced and composed with the basic geometrical components and tectonic originality of materials while interior spaces are being affective with various perspectives. Instead of dictating fixed utilization, flexible usage patterns and possible future changes are considered for all interior configurations.

Practice Ideology

Uygur Architects believe that spaces can enrich human affairs. Besides developing a unique coherent concept for each of their projects, the main principle is to create qualified spaces by means of elaborate components of a construction with all required details. Detail design is a very fundamental phase according to the design philosophy. Consequently, from urban design to the smallest detail scale, all the documents and drawings related to production are completely prepared in the own structure of Uygur Architects. Uygur Architects take cognizance of working with people from various generations and/or fields. They express their architectural understanding with a brief statement: “In a process that starts from the spatial organization enabling social relations and leads to the discovery of materials that evoke senses, each project is considered as a unique composition in their environmental features.”

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