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Vijay Gupta

Mr. Vijay Gupta founded Vijay Gupta Architects (VGA) in 1964. An alumnus of the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, he began his practice with the support of his late wife, Mrs Sushma Gupta, which soon became well-known for its methods of practice and attention to user requirements. With the success of initial residential projects and becoming an established name in cinema hall design, he soon ventured into large-scale projects. Over the next few decades, Mr Gupta designed many schools, institutions and campuses across the country. His achievements, spanning several decades, were recognised by many national and international accolades. As a man of strong principles and a progressive spirit, Mr Gupta established a professional practice that upheld integrity and honesty. He has built a legacy of projects demonstrating his passion for buildings. Today, this legacy is carried forward by his children with much responsibility, passion and empathy.

Saurabh Gupta

Arch, TVB School of Habitat Studies, Delhi

M.Des Product Design, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

Saurabh Gupta is a Partner at VGA and has been associated with the practice for over 15 years and carries forward Vijay Gupta’s legacy as a thought leader in educational space design.

He develops a design language for projects through an iterative process that complements his creative and pragmatic solutions for spatial design challenges. Saurabh’s design approach uses research in his multifaceted projects as a tool that plugs into the design process to evaluate and build upon ideas and practices. Through educational projects at VGA, he is constantly pushing the envelope to design spaces that catalyze holistic development for children of all ages with the fundamental principle to create interactive learning environments for children to learn, grow, and prosper.

With a passion for nature and its preservation, Saurabh designs spaces as an amalgamation of the interior and exterior environments with subtle transitions and connections to the outside world. In Saurabh’s work, sustainability is inherent to the design process where spatial planning, materials, and construction techniques come together to make a building environmentally responsive.

Saurabh’s knack for finding innovative solutions to problems of varying complexities has resulted in an ingeniously crafted multidisciplinary body of work at VGA.

Alpana Gupta

Alpana Gupta is a Partner at VGA and the Founder of the practice. Holding a degree in architecture from the Government College of Architecture, University of Lucknow, she has over 30 years of experience and a diverse body of work of various scales and typologies across the country’s length and breadth, including educational, residential, and healthcare projects. Alpana also works on refurbishment and adaptive reuse projects where she reimagines the space from the inside out to address practical problems and aesthetic challenges. With her artistic outlook and hands-on working methods, her works are a synergistic collaboration of art, design, landscape and interiors.



Arti Gugnani

Arti Gugnani, a Partner at VGA, has studied architecture at the Manipal Institute of Technology. Her career as a multidisciplinary practitioner spans over three decades, with a body of work with diverse scales and typologies across the country. Emphasizing user-centric and environmentally responsible designs, her process yields impactful works supported by value engineering across all her projects. Arti establishes a robust operational structure for all projects and continuously strives to integrate international standards and trends in design, process, and practice. Planning and design are her tools to deliver efficient, time sensitive, and economically sustainable solutions.



Akanksha Gupta

Akanksha Gupta joined VGA in 2008 and today, as a Partner, she contributes to the practice’s efforts to adopt and experiment with new techniques and processes. She has a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the TVB School of Habitat Studies and a Master’s degree in Emergent Technologies and Design from the AA School of Architecture, London. She believes in designing for the future and continuously strives to create spaces that belong to the day while being conscious of the needs of the future. Her ever-evolving design methods fueled by her research-oriented approach to spatial design enable her to craft buildings that are in sync with global trends. There is a conscious and continuous effort in her design process to adopt sustainable practices and develop cost-effective solutions.


Practice Ideology

Vijay Gupta Architects (VGA) was founded by Mr. Vijay Gupta in 1968. Based out of New Delhi, it is an established and renowned master planning, architectural and interior design practice with a pan-India presence and a diverse body of work across varied scales and typologies in both public and private sectors.

While firmly adhering to its founding principles and ideologies, the practice is self-conscious and continuously evolving. With its strong foothold in educational and healthcare projects and a diverse portfolio supported by commercial, residential and public building projects, VGA is committed to making well-designed spaces accessible to all.

Led by the four partners, Saurabh Gupta, Alpana Gupta, Arti Gugnani, and Akanksha Gupta, the practice carries forward the legacy of its founder and renowned Architect Vijay Gupta. He credited his professional success to three A’s – Accessibility, Amiability and Ability, a set of founding principles that continue to inform the practice’s ethics. As an integrated design practice, VGA is driven by the ideology of creating research-informed, process-driven, and future-ready designs that positively impact the built environment.

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