VTN Architects

VTN Architects


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Vo Trong Nghia

Practice Ideology

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, VTN Architects infuses its work with lushly planted walls, hanging vines, structure-piercing trees, weathered stones, and sunken landscapes.

It also incorporates traditional Vietnamese building techniques, like complex bamboo trusses, perforated blocks, cooling water systems, shaded terraces, and thatched roofs. VTN Architects is also is expanding into prefab housing, urban farms, green towers, parks, and urban plans around Asia.

All these efforts are infused with a resolute vision: the creation of green architecture that merges nature, local vernacular, and — through modern materials and methods — contemporary design. VTN Architects sees such work as a way not only to refine the urban environment but also to provide a sense of peace in the world.

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