y.ad studio

y.ad studio


  • Practice: y.ad studio
  • Website: sh-yad.com/
  • Firm Location: Shanghai
  • Country: China
  • Year: NA

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Yan Yang






Practice Ideology

y.ad studio is a comprehensive design studio focusing on space/site planning, urban renewal, architectural design, and space design. It has accumulated rich design experiences through constant practices in different fields, especially in urban renewal, commercial buildings’ transformation, cultural exhibition, culture & tourism & real estate, integrated parks, restaurants, hotels, stores and rural construction. With a restrained, simple, integrated, authentic and connotative design orientation, y.ad studio has been practicing designs in a moderate way. The studio weakens the spatial form and appearance in order to pursue a natural aesthetic feeling. Taking the actual situation, site and environment as the starting point, y.ad studio tries to use simple but effective ways to create spaces that are integrated with exquisite textures, rich levels, functions, time, culture, regional characteristics and appeal.

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