y0 Design Architect

y0 Design Architect


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Yohanes I. Limandjaya

After accumulating experiences for about 5 years from one of the best architecture firm in Surabaya and continued to work for Nataneka Architect, which is also an award winning architecture firm from Jakarta, Yohanes decided to start his own practice. Bringing the knowledge from the experiences before, Yohanes often pursue the mix of tropical & modernist architecture style for the design. Emphasizing on careful & nice building mass composition blended together with strong aspect on tropicality with every projects.


Practice Ideology

With experiences gathered while working from previous firms, which often emphasizing on nice composition blended with strong aspect on tropicality, it really made our work felt bold on that points. We always thought that there is no need to pursue something unique & outstanding, because often from simplicity we can achieve more. And by thinking simple, we often can tackle a lot of design aspects more easily. Without sacrificing the looks or the beauty of the projects, we always try to balance it with the locality aspects. The material, the climate, the difficulty of the site and many more. We are trying to be consistent on each projects, with strong points always on tropicality & building composition. And with more years passed, we are able to keep the consistency of the design principle throughout each projects. We are hoping that we can be an architect that not only accepting jobs but also can educate our clients to be more aware of our surroundings through our design and yet they can still feel satisfied enough with our works.

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